The Enamel Watch Program

If you are an artist who works with enamel and you want to make a watch, this program is for you! The purpose of this kit is to enable you to create enamel watches that you can use to generate income, give as gifts or have for yourself. Enamel watches are rare - almost nonexistant in the United States. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other watch company in the world that has invested the time and resources to allow you to create a coveted cloisonné or other type of enamel watch dial. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a very special community of artists that are changing the watch industry.


The process of creating an enamel watch is done in two steps. 



The first step is to purchase your enamel wells and inspection/sanding jig. The Enamel Well Kit contains three enamel wells and an optional inspection/sanding jig. The wells will hold your artwork and the inspection jig will help you ensure your artwork is technically correct. Although three wells are supplied in your kit, you are not obligated to have any made into watches. You can use them to experiment and/or create finished pieces. The intention behind the fine silver enamel wells is to help you create a cloisonné watch dial, although you are not limited to cloisonné if you want to approach your watch differently. You can fill the “well” of space however you prefer. 



The second step is to purchase your watch service contract. The watch service contract includes:

  • inspecting your piece,
  • Making minor corrections,
  • Adhering the finished piece to a brass plate,
  • fitting the movement onto the dial,
  • installing hour, minute and seconds hands,
  • Placing the working watch into a case,
  • Cutting the stem to fit properly in the case,
  • Installing the crown and waterproofing gaskets,
  • Closing the case and then,
  • Subjecting the watch to 72 hours of integrity testing.


Once the watch has passed testing, a band will be attached to the case and a certificate of authenticity will be issued. The watch will then be packaged and shipped back to the artist in a portable, shock proof travel case.


You can expect to receive your finished watch in 2-3 weeks. The watch you receive will be high quality and include a two-year warranty. We warranty the time keeping functionality of the watch and also the sapphire crystal (but it is up to you to decide if you want to warranty the artwork). The vegetable tanned goat leather band that comes with your watch will most likely last two years with every day use. There are many color choices for your band including black, brown, tan, purple, electric blue, watermelon, red, claret red, pumpkin, turquoise, and more.