What's Your Style, Favorite Color and Vibe Right Now?

It’s very common to want another Celeste after having owned one for awhile. You might want to flash a different look or color around town. You might want to connect to another part of yourself that you see in another design.

Whatever your reasons, we are here to help.


Not sure where to start?

  1. Try a different size watch. If you have been wearing a 35mm watch for the last few years, go bigger with a 38mm! Not only can you see the time easier but the larger artwork is a delight!
  2. Try an automatic timepiece to go higher in quality and sustainability. Automatic watches are investments, seeped in tradition, that can be passed down through generations.
  3. Try a rectangular case watch. A rectangular watch gives a whole new look and vibe. In addition, our rectangular case is available in gold and rose gold too. You are welcome to request any rectangular watch in a silver, gold or rose gold case.
  4. Try an entirely new design to enjoy expressing yourself differently. Wearing a new art piece will put bounce in your step.




How to trade-up your watch:

  1. Select your new watch. Browse our collections and find a design you love.
  2. Contact Celeste to find out if your current watch is eligible for the trade-up. Your older Celeste has to be a design we still make and sell on our website. Custom watches are not eligible. Our Rainbow Dog Breed Collection is also not eligible.
  3. If your watch is eligible, you can receive up to $80 in credit towards another quartz watch or up to $200 off an automatic timepiece. If you can make it to a festival or the boutique, give your current watch to Celeste and pick out your new watch. You can also mail in your watch and we will provide a discount code for you to use when purchasing your new watch.