A Dream come true


“Celeste” is now an official trademark. When I first started Celeste Watch Company, the trademark was owned by another company that went out of business in 2016. According to trademark law, if a mark is not in use for three years, you can petition the courts to remove it. This process took almost a year because the owners could not be found. 


 In March of 2020, the mark was open for registration and I was able to apply. The process was slow and delayed because of closures and backlogs at the Trademark and Patent Office due to COVID-19. With time required for publication and other entities to contest it, the process was so long and I thought it would never happen. 


But it did. Celeste is no longer just my name but an officially registered brand name, too! It’s been years in the making, but I can finally celebrate receiving the United States trademark for “Celeste” on jewelry. This is a game-changer for the company!

Celeste Wong