You may look at a Celeste watch and think that you can only wear it on special occasions. Although flattering, a Celeste watch can be worn all the time for almost all occasions!

Octopus beach

Rebecca recently purchased an octopus watch - and then took it on a river rafting trip!

"I wore my brand new Celeste Octopus watch on a 16 day rafting trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. I thought, “It says it’s water resistant, I’m ok”. I was in love with my watch and didn’t want to take it off, even for 20 foot high waves. Once I’d worn it through a harrowing rapid, I couldn’t take it off because it was a good luck charm, keeping me safe through some pretty scary BIG Water! Together we lived 226 miles of adventure- Not a scratch on it nor a drop in it. Still flashing beautiful and intriguing in the sun, wherever I am."


I was inspired by her story and about to embark on an overdue vacation in Hawaii so I packed my personal sea turtle watch. I booked a kayaking/snorkeling trip to Coconut Island (where Gilligan's Island was filmed). The advertisement said we would see sea turtles so I hoped that because I was wearing my sea turtle watch, I would draw them to me. Like waving your arms to grab someone's attention, I wanted the watch to help me connect. After snorkeling for about 30 minutes I got lucky and sighted my first ever sea turtle resting on a sloped part of the ocean floor near some coral. It was only about 10 feet away and I think he/she looked right at me! As the large sea turtle swam away, I looked at my watch under the water and felt proud of the energy that I put into each watch to not only make sure it holds up under water, but also that it sends the most positive artistic and meaningful expression into the universe. In both of these experiences, my motto rang true - Life's adventures are better with Celeste.

Celeste Wong