Looking at watches at a festival

In 2019, I traveled to 17 festivals on the West Coast and Southwest to show my watches and get comments on the styling and designs. This was invaluable because not only did I get the feedback I was looking for, I made connections and friendships with people who were extremely supportive. I could see how people’s eyes lit up when they saw my watches and how unusual they thought they were. 


Each watch I produce has a story behind it. For example, I created a sea turtle watch to feel closer to the ocean and my family in Hawaii, an octopus watch because it’s my favorite sea creature, a hummingbird because I thought it was magical, and a sailboat to remember my days sailing San Francisco Bay. These attachments make me happy and I want to hold them close. 


A fun thing about displaying my work at a festival is that when I tell a watch’s story, I often hear customers’ stories in return, of a significant experience or a magical trip they enjoyed. The watches act as a channel to something meaningful within each person and my role enabling that connection has strengthened the belief that my dream of doing this satisfying work is possible. It’s a perfect exchange: I get to do this inspiring work and you get to wear something that has meaning for you. 


Two years later, in 2021, I ventured out into the world again and attended two festivals close to home. The experience of connecting in person with my festival customers was like drinking a tall glass of water after a long thirst. What a relief to be out and about again!

Celeste Wong