Watch Service Contract


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Watch Service Contract

The second step to produce a watch is to transform your beautiful enamel artwork into a working timepiece. You can do this by purchasing the Watch Service Contract.

The watch service contract includes:

  • inspecting your piece, 
  • Making minor corrections, 
  • Adhering the finished piece to a brass plate, 
  • fitting the movement onto the dial, 
  • installing hour, minute and seconds hands,
  • Placing the working watch into a case, 
  • Cutting the stem to fit properly in the case, 
  • Installing the crown and waterproofing gaskets, 
  • Closing the case and then,
  • Subjecting the watch to 72 hours of integrity testing. 

Once the watch has passed testing, a band will be attached to the case and a certificate of authenticity will be issued. The watch will then be packaged and shipped back to you in a portable, shock proof travel case.

You can expect to receive your finished watch in 2-3 weeks. The watch you receive will be high quality and include a two-year warranty. We warranty the time keeping functionality of the watch and also the sapphire crystal (but it is up to you to decide if you want to warranty the artwork). The vegetable tanned goat leather band that comes with your watch will most likely last two years with everyday use. There are many color choices for your band including black, brown, tan, purple, electric blue, coral, red, turquoise, olive, and more.


If your artwork arrives and we find it wasn’t created to our specifications, we will return it to you for you to adjust. We can correct minor issues, such as light sanding if the dial is slightly too thick but it is in your best interest that you finish your dial to your standards before sending it to us. You as the artist will best know your own vision and complete it within your best standard. If your dial needs more than 30 minutes of our time in order for it to function in the watch case, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. 


  • Currently, we offer two sizes of wells that will fit our 32mm or 36mm cases. the cases are polished 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel.
  • The movements are Swiss made Ronda movements (cell 364).
  • The battery life is approximately 18 months from the time of assembly or last service.
  • Every case includes Sapphire Glass: It is extraordinarily scratch-resistant. Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes it the 3rd hardest natural substance next to moissanite (synthetic diamonds) and diamonds. Its fracture toughness is around 4 times greater than that of Gorilla Glass.
  • We have two styles of hands that you can choose from.
  • The Water Resistance is up to 30 meters.
  • Straps are 14mm (for the 32mm watch) or 16mm (for the 36mm watch.)
  • Every Celeste watch comes with its very own travel friendly case! Perfect for storage and shipping, your watch is snuggly nestled in plush felt, protected from drops, knocks, and bangs.
  • Two Year Warranty