Bee's Knees


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Do bees have knees? Yes, they actually do! The honey bee is among the smallest creatures in the world, flying heavy with pollen from one flower or plant to another. As the planet's greatest pollinator, it is also one of the most important forms of life on Earth. Bees help flowers produce the seeds and fruits that we get to enjoy. Bees are always working for us and every time we bite in a juicy piece of fruit, we get the chance to appreciate them and how they add to the natural world around us.

Timepieces are available with vibrant orange or soft yellow flowers. This artful dial is truly the bee's knees. The bee is done in a combination of yellow and mosaic abalone shells for the body and pink heart abalone for the wings. Watches can be purchased with either Orange Paua or Agoya abalone (soft yellow) flowers. Surrounded in Mother of Pearl, the bee is busy harvesting pollen for a fruitful year ahead.