Awareness - Dragonfly


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Dragonfly Watch in Flowers

Dragonflies are a symbol of being aware. They live in the moment because they only fly for a few months. The rest of the time they are a nymph or immature adult that can’t fly. By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t want and you make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis.

Process and Materials

The iridescent and sparkly white shell on the dial is Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl can have hues of purple, pink and green within it. The most common shimmery color is pink but shell is an organic material so the variation in shades is impossible to predict. The dragonfly wings are finely cut metal pieces inlaid in the Mother of Pearl background. Clear cubic zirconia stones that reflect the light and set off the dial are used as time markers. A true work of art, this timepiece sparkles in the sun, allowing you to be in the moment and soak up the wisdom of a creature who must make the most of every second.


 What's special about a Celeste Watch?

  • 35mm Case: Polished 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel.
  • Movement: Swiss made Ronda movement (cell 364). The battery life is approximately 18 months from the time of assembly or last service.
  • Sapphire Glass: It is extraordinarily scratch-resistant. Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes it the 3rd hardest natural substance next to moissanite (synthetic diamonds) and diamonds. Its fracture toughness is around 4 times greater than that of Gorilla Glass.
  • Hands: Luminous. Three hands - standard hours, minutes and seconds indication.
  • Water Resistance: Up to 30 meters (~100 ft).
  • Lifetime Batteries: Every Celeste watch comes with lifetime batteries. That means that your battery will be changed by us at no cost (only the cost of shipping). You can mail your watch to our boutique or stop by to take advantage of this portion of your warranty. If neither of these options are convenient and you choose to have your battery replaced locally, it is important to have your watch serviced by a reputable jeweler to ensure the integrity of your beautiful Celeste watch.
  • Band Size: 16mm.
  • Travel Friendly: Every Celeste watch comes with its very own travel friendly case! Perfect for storage and shipping, your watch is snuggly nestled in plush felt, protected from drops, knocks, and bangs.
  • Two Year Warranty.