Marvin is a high-achieving business man and wanted a watch that told his story. He has many timepieces in his collection but wanted something different that would set him apart. He wanted something that reflects his values and adds to the way he feels about himself. We sat down together so I could better understand how the timepiece would be worn and what he wanted to tell the world. I wanted to get it right. This was my first custom automatic watch and a whole new frontier so it was a very big deal.


We met at his house and we talked around an hour about his work. I learned about his family and his philosophies. He showed me a few of the other timepieces he had as well as told me which one he wears in different situations. For example, he prefers the one with the blue dial with blue jeans and his Grand Seiko during business meetings.


At this point, I was beginning to get very excited because of course, I wanted to make a timepiece for him that he wanted to wear all the time. Should I dare to challenge a Grand Seiko? Well, yes, most definitely! Let's do this! 


Next, he came to my workshop to look at various types of abalone and mother of pearl. We discussed my other designs and he also pointed out what designs he preferred. As we talked, I noticed that every design he liked had curves it in. He never chose a linear design.  


He left and I went to work feeling excited about making curvy designs. The dials had to be clean, understated, and elegant. The shell needed to be luxurious and high quality. The colors and cutting precise and superb. Every detail mattered.


The next time we met, I brought him four designs that were all about him and how I saw him. I had a story for each one because by the time I made the dials, I felt I knew him and had a good feeling about what would appeal to him. Each prototype fit into some part of his character but in the end, it was up to him to decide if any of them were what he wanted. 


To my great delight, he loved them all and had a hard time choosing! We discussed how each one made him feel. He tried on all four and assessed the colors and vibe he would be projecting. After careful consideration, he chose Flow! The rhythm inspired dial with a big sensual swoosh right through the middle. As a designer, his choice made me happy that I noticed his affinity for curves. Forming a relationship and being comfortable together made for an amazing timepiece! 


Thank you Marvin, for this incredible experience with you. 


Celeste Wong