Then and now comparison
Then and now on Main Street 


As we begin our 6th year on Main Street (six is lucky, right?) I marvel at how we opened in 2017 with only 15 designs and minimal decorations on the walls. We were just trying to get started and making the leap into a retail store was a scramble in itself. But we worked hard and put everything we had into it. We sweated the lows, prayed for insight on how to be more effective, gave thanks at every milestone, and kept the faith. At the turn of 2022, we were still sweating, praying and giving thanks but it was paying off too. We were up to 80 designs and hitting our stride. Our first magazine was out, new partnerships were on the horizon, we had the trademark to "Celeste" on all jewelry in the US, and people, in general, were out and about, feeling optimistic again. We developed new systems for watchmaking, invented our own custom tools to make us more efficient, and learned to work together as a team even better than before.

6 year celebration

Now that the store has been blessed (2023) and the celebrations have concluded, I'm settling down and making plans to open new doorways and dream bigger this year. What will the next six years bring? Stick around because the best is yet to come!

Enjoy yourself, and be good to each other.

Celeste Wong