Pot of Gold


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Backstory: Back when I was an engineering educator (before I opened Celeste Watch Company) I worked with SeaPerch, an underwater robotics program that equips students, educators, and parents with the resources they need to build an underwater robot. In the process of working with them, to inspire kids to pursue a career in engineering, I wrote a book called, The Maritime Engineer: Careers in Naval Architecture and Marine, Ocean and Naval Engineering.

During the course of researching and writing this book I fell head over heels in love with a book called Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea about an ocean engineer who found a ship that sank 200 miles from the Carolinas shore while carrying over $1 billion of gold (21 tons) back in 1857. I loved it so much that I read it twice. The story lit up my imagination and spirit of innovation. The engineer who designed the equipment to find, and then salvage the wreck, was relentlessly innovative and adventurous. It was the story about his dream of recovering the biggest treasure on record and I was enamored with his passion. The story made me want to hunt for underwater treasure too (or at least chase my dreams.)

Pot of Gold has been years in the making with countless revisions. The very nonstandard watch dial is triple the thickness of my usual dials and required coming up with an entirely different technique to have a functional watch. But at long last, we can all wear the treasure we seek. Treasure that sparkles with every turn of your wrist and reminds you of the jewels and richness in your life - your family, relationships, work, education, spirit, and/or home. Whatever makes you rich. 


Over 100 Swarovski crystals are the highlight and focus of this dial. A 3D mix of gold, red, turquoise and violet crystals sparkle in the light and playfully call attention to the treasure. The treasure chest itself is wood with metal rails that are then inlaid in an ocean of turquoise (ocean background) and blonde (ocean floor) abalone shell. Seaweed and fish add to the underwater scene and compliment the dial. 

Special Features

  • Case: 36mm polished 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel.
  • Movement: Swiss made Ronda movement (cell 364). The battery life is approximately 18 months from the time of assembly or last service.
  • Sapphire Glass: It is extraordinarily scratch-resistant. Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes it the 3rd hardest natural substance next to moissanite (synthetic diamonds) and diamonds. Its fracture toughness is around 4 times greater than that of Gorilla Glass.
  • Hands: Three hands - standard hours, minutes and seconds indication.
  • Water Resistance: Up to 30 meters (~100 ft).
  • Lifetime Batteries: Every Celeste watch comes with lifetime batteries. That means that your battery will be changed by us at no cost (only the cost of shipping). You can mail your watch to our boutique or stop by to take advantage of this portion of your warranty. If neither of these options are convenient and you choose to have your battery replaced locally, it is important to have your watch serviced by a reputable jeweler to ensure the integrity of your beautiful Celeste watch.
  • Band size: 16mm.
  • Travel Friendly: Every Celeste watch comes with its very own travel friendly case! Perfect for storage and shipping, your watch is snuggly nestled in plush felt, protected from drops, knocks, and bangs.
  • Two Year Warranty.