Our mechanical watches embrace sustainability, art and longevity. In a nutshell, mechanical watches are made to last. They are designed to be repaired instead of replaced. With proper care and cleaning, they can outlast generations. Take a look at any watch museum and you’ll find timepieces from the 1700’s ticking away.


Mechanical watches are also considered eco-friendly because they use a renewable energy source (the movement of your wrist) for power. They don’t require batteries. When you purchase a quartz Celeste watch, it comes with lifetime batteries but you still have to come in or mail it to us every 16-24 months for a battery replacement. Our automatic watches, which are powered by the movement of your arm, don’t need batteries but it’s a good idea to have the inside of the watch cleaned and relubricated every 5 years or so to keep it running smoothly.


In regards to sustainability, another advantage of purchasing a Swiss Celeste automatic is that not only are the dials handcrafted here but the watches are assembled and regulated here in Oregon too. Any needed servicing down the line will be done here. Compared to having an Omega, Rolex or other Swiss brand serviced, the process is greener because you don’t have to send your watch overseas (or wait 3-6 months for its return) which minimizes the carbon footprint of having your watch serviced.

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