Marvin's watch - FlowMarvin Revoal, a businessman, high-performing salesperson, community leader, and enthusiastic Celeste Watch customer, sat down with me to talk about his commissioned Celeste. 





Celeste: Marvin, I've noticed that you have an extensive collection of timepieces.  What's your attraction to fine watches? 

Marvin: The watch I wear every day is carefully chosen to reflect my mood and the values I want to communicate to those I’ll be seeing, meeting with, presenting to—often all three—that day. Putting my watch on my wrist is the last part of my grooming. My timepieces complete how I feel about myself as I leave my room.


Celeste: What made you want to commission a watch and why did you choose Celeste Watch Company to make it for you?

Marvin:  Well, we’ve known each other for several years now, and over those years I’ve been impressed with both your artistry and engineering in the watches you design and produce.  I knew the watch you designed and produced for me would match my own high values of style and quality. There was no question in my mind about requesting a commission from you.  In doing so, I love that I am the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, unique and elegant timepiece that you’ve designed with me in mind. I know that no one else could've done this for me. It's very special.  


Celeste: There are lots of watches already on the market, what are you looking for that you couldn’t find in another watch offered?

Marvin:  I’m an extrovert, yet I have no desire to stand out just to call attention to myself. I wanted a unique, quietly elegant watch that reflects my values and self-confidence in the world, and perhaps even invite conversation when noticed.  As a salesperson, I truly enjoy meeting people and learning what matters to them. An unusually designed timepiece can often be a natural conversation starter. 


Celeste: Did you want me to use certain materials?  

Marvin:  Honestly, at a certain price level, I don’t pay attention to materials, and assume that my high-end watches from luxury brands are built with the high-quality materials. After seeing your watches in various stages of design and build, I already knew you produce quality watches.  Combined with your unique process of inlaying shell that catches the light, you know I had to own of one of your watches!


Celeste: What did you like about the process to have a watch designed and made for you?

Marvin: First, you listened to my ideas of what a custom watch represents to me. Our conversations were the most important part of the commissioning process.  Then you produced four prototypes based on our conversation and we discussed these designs at great length. 


Celeste: What do you like about the watch I made for you?

Marvin: I really like that you created a story of the type of man who would wear each watch design you showed me. When we started, I thought that the watch for me was The Negotiator with its balanced use of blue tinted abalone embedded in the mother of pearl. However, the more we talked and spoke about how the other designs affected me, I found myself drawn to Flow for the “swoosh” and feel that it gives me when wearing it. Arriving at my choice of Flow was an amazing process you made possible.


Celeste: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Marvin:  Yes. I love showing off my watch!  It’s an attention-getter, certainly, but not one that shouts “Look at me!”  It’s quietly hidden under my shirt cuff in business settings that make itself visible when I move my arm.  Flow still has an elegance to it that fits the part of my life when I’m more casually dressed entertaining guests or running weekend errands. The comments and questions I’ve received are often a relationship starter in both the business and social arena and, in addition, have been an opportunity to learn more about those I’ve known for a longer period of time.  There have been many extremely satisfying connections I’ve made with people that started with them noticing my watch. It makes me feel good.

Celeste Wong