Last Day of Class

Nov 7, 2023 marked the end of another successful Make-Your-Own-Cloisonné-Watch-Dial class in Watsonville, CA with enamel artist Merry-Lee Rae, dial artist Rebecca Montgomery, and myself. Students came from as far as France and also from all over the United States. Merry-Lee, with 40+ years experience in creating enamel jewelry, took each student through the intricacies of creating a highly coveted cloisonné watch dial and on the last day, I turned their dials into watches. The learning curve was steep but we all came away better from the experience.

We, Merry-Lee, Rebecca and I, taught our first class in August 2021 and have since personally trained 40+ artists. The training is an intense 5-day process with the goal of having everyone successfully create their own watch dial.


Watches completed during class

Watches completed by the last day of class.

Celeste Wong