Making a Watch Dial

Making a Watch Dial

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Lately, I've begun to refer to myself as a watch dial artist but I'm much more than than. I'm also a watchmaker and leather crafter. I take the concept of what I want to make and first design it on a computer. I decide on colors and then cut the shell. This part requires testing and retesting to get it perfect. When I'm satisfied that the pieces are beautifully colored and correctly proportioned, I begin the inlay. Although sometimes tedious, especially when pieces are smaller than a grain of rice, I also consider this the fun part as I see the dial come to life. When the dial is complete, I assemble the watch by inserting the Swiss movement and hands. At this point, the watch undergoes 72 hours of testing to ensure that it keeps time perfectly. 


During that 72 hours of testing, I keep myself occupied by hand sewing the vegetable-tanned leather band. The band, also called a strap, comes in many colors and because it is vegetable-tanned, it molds to your wrist and gives the feeling of luxury.


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