Luxury Leather

Luxury Leather

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The leather bands of every Celeste Watch are vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanning is an old fashioned way of tanning leather. Vegetable-tanned leather, made with natural tannins, looks and feels more natural and has a beautiful texture of color. Over time, the band will improve. If you've ever seen a leather jacket or bag that looks beautifully aged, it's probably vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable-tanned leather develops a patina over time, giving the leather a soft sheen and beautiful depth of color. The patina develops in response to usage and exposure to sunlight and heat, making each item truly unique to the owner. Vegetable-tanned leather also often smells sweet and earthy, rather than the chemical, synthetic smell of chrome-tanned leather.


Leather’s prized durability is a result of tanning, or the use of tannins, to alter the protein structure, which prevents it from being susceptible to bacteria and decay.


Not only is it environmentally safe, it also yields a distinctively supple luxurious leather.

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