Keeping it Together

Keeping it Together

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The keeper refers to the one or two leather pieces that keep the tail of the band from flapping around.


In the picture shown, this band has two keepers. The one on the left, closest to the buckle is sewn-in and called a stationary keeper. The one on the right is moveable and called a movable keeper. Every Celeste Watch comes with a moveable keeper or both a movable and stationary. Whether you want one or two is a matter of preference. Either option works well.


Advantages of one keeper: If you only have one keeper, most likely, it's moveable. It's easier to put on. If you have limited mobility on your hands, this is an effortless solution.


Advantages of two keepers: Gives a more polished look. Also, if one keeper breaks, you still have another.


I consider keepers to be the weak link in any leather watch band. Because of this, if your moveable keeper breaks, just send me a picture of your watch and I will mail you a new keeper, along with a springbar tool to put it on, at no cost! As far as I can tell, no other watch maker offers this service.


It's advantageous to own a Celeste Watch!


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