Sapphire Crystals

Sapphire Crystals

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All Celeste Watches come with Sapphire Crystals. Don't look for sapphire stones that you normally see in rings, the part on the face of the watch that looks like glass is the sapphire crystal. In this case, the term "crystal" refers to the transparency. You can think of it as transparent sapphire or sapphire glass. Because of the heightened transparency, every watch is super clear and vibrant.


The advantages of having sapphire glass on your Celeste Watch are:

  • It is extraordinarily scratch-resistant. Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes it the 3rd hardest natural substance next to moissanite (synthetic diamonds) and diamonds.
  • Clearer than glass.
  • Less reflections than glass.
  • Its fracture toughness is around 4 times greater than that of Gorilla Glass.

At shows and festivals, I love to tell customers that because of the sapphire crystal, they can drag their new watch along a brick wall and it won't scratch! Although a scary prospect, the watch will perform flawlessly. Today, I found a video of a company testing the sapphire crystal on an iPhone by dragging a cinder block across it. The results were impressive.


It's a wonderful thing to have a beautiful watch!


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Amanda Drew:
06/27/2017, 02:59:31 PM,

That's really cool that sapphire glass is a nine on the Mohs scale and is the third hardest natural material. My watch is currently fine, but my phone struggles with picking up scratches on it. I should see if there's somewhere that would put sapphire glass onto my phone.

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