Custom watches for individuals, businesses, events and organizations.

Custom Watches

Yes! We can create custom watches for individuals, businesses, events and organizations.

Celeste Watches are inlays or overlays using wood, mother of pearl and/or abalone shell.  

Custom Watch Services

I offer custom watch designs from intricate custom logos to photographs and sketches. The watch face can use either my hand selected materials or possibly those that you provide to me.

I require a half up-front deposit and can provide you with a quote for your project.

A custom watch is made to order so you can select the materials from my pallet of shell and wood. My preference is to use abalone shell or mother of pearl.

As a rule, the cost of materials is fairly minimal in the overall cost of a watch. Design time, cut time and inlay time are all factors in the overall price. The more complex, the higher the price.

You may supply your requested design as clipart, a simple sketch, completed drawing or photograph.

Monica came to me and said that her husband was very attached to a convertible mustang he purchased in high school. She wanted to know if I could make a watch from the photograph.

Final design was a maple wood background with blue abalone shell mustang. The hubcaps, front window, bumper and grill are mother of pearl.

Watch Designs can also start with an idea

A family requested a watch for their son's 18th birthday. His birthday was May 10 so we created a lasting timepiece using roman numerals to celebrate his day. 

The final design was a black abalone V and X inlaid in mother of pearl.

Beginning the inlay with cut pieces.

Final artwork

Abalone shell colors: blue, green, pink, plum, blonde, black, brown, yellow and custom colors can be created.

Wood choices: maple, cherry, alder, Purple Heart and walnut.


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